Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Kyrenia Car Hire and Leasing

Can i choose a car that you do not have in stock? If yes, how long will it take to get it?

Kyrenia Car Hire can provide you with any car you need , and the delivery time will depend on the time the vehicle provider will need to get the car. At the same time, an alternative-same class car will be given until the new car arrives.

Why choose Kyrenia Car Hire?

With 40 years of industry experience we will provide the advice and support that you need.

24/7 support – 365 days a year by phone or email

Fast and accurate service – saving you time, hassle and money

Economic solutions, that can match any price.

What are the benefits of leasing?

If you use vehicles for business, how you fund them has a big impact on your costs and your cash flow.

Whether you use one, several or many more vehicles, purchasing, running and maintaining them could be one of your biggest business overheads.

By leasing a car from us, you control your costs with a fixed monthly cost, that helps your budgeting and also gives you some tax benefits.

At the same time is you free up capital – (new vehicles without the up-front costs), to invest in more important sectors of your company.

No risk – you can eliminate the risks on vehicle depreciation, maintenance and insurance

You can get any vehicle you like – choose from the full range of cars we have in stock or choose a different one.

Less administration – allowing you to focus on your core business

What is Car leasing?
Vehicle leasing is the leasing (or the use of) a motor vehicle for a fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money for the lease. It is commonly offered by dealers as an alternative to vehicle purchase but is widely used by businesses as a method of  contracting vehicles for business, without the usually needed cash outlay.
What is the deposit needed for the contract hire?

This depends on the duration of the contract. For a 1 year contract a deposit amount equal of 2 months payment, is required upon the sign of the contracts. These 2 months, will reflect as a payment of the last 2 months of the contract period.

What's covered within maintenance?

We include:

  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Tyres (any damaged tyres will be replaced within the maintenance budget. Any replacements in the event of theft, abuse, neglect or vandalism will be recharged)
  • Batteries
  • Exhaust
  • Mechanical breakdown cover
  • Any worn items

We don’t include:

  • Glass / windscreens
  • Driver abuse items
  • Replacement items through damage and neglect

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